Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A slippery slope

It all started out so innocently.

My lovely friend Cristina is a designer of all things paper.  She's a goddess.  I can't overstate it really, and as much as it makes her blush, I'll say it again:  Cristina is the Goddess of Papergoods.  Now the world can know.

So, in planning this whole wedding thing, I thought (innocently) "Hey, let's ask Cris if she would design our invites!"  Something simple, handmade, personal.  Easy peasy.

Then we all started talking about it.  Turns out it's a slippery slope from simple to completely, insanely over the top.

We slipped.

Cris flew out from Winnipeg to work on ideas and go paper shopping.  We lived at Paper Zone.  We obsessed over fonts day and night.  Cris tea stained paper.  So much tea.  So much staining.  I made faux wax seals.  So many seals.  So very faux.  Cris's mom sewed each and every invitation.  Yes, sewed. Because, you know, just gluing things together isn't good enough for us.  Oh no.  Hand dyed, hand sewn.  So many hands.  So many hands.

Cris flew out again.  And again.  Thank god she works for an airline.  We shopped, we printed, we edited, we glued, we cut, we perfected.  So much perfection.

I'm not gonna pretend it was any sort of equal sharing of the workload.  Cristina made these invitations happen.  One by one, stitch by stitch.  We ended up with piles of tags, papers, seals, ribbons, and keys.  Oh, the keys. 

We got the girls together- my wonderful bridesmaids- and we got wine.  Wonderful wine.  And we assembled.

And just like that we were done.

They went into envelopes.  And.... off they went. 

I think Cristina cried when she said goodbye to them at the Post Office.

A lot of work went into these invites.  So much work.  But better yet, a lot of love went into these invites.

So, so much love.

You can see more more more of Cristina's amazing paperwork on her blog:


  1. Every ounce of that hard work and love shows through on those invitations. I will confess, a few months after a wedding- I toss the invitation. I can't do that with this one- it's too beautiful. I'm looking at the RSVP card right now, which is still tacked up here by my desk.

  2. thanks miss kim!

    looking at those photos, i'm thinking i might have a problem with orange. assembling my orange wedding invitations, in my orange sweatshirt, in my orange dining room. time for an intervention??

  3. OMG~ Most gorgeous wedding invitation ever!