Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A day in the life

6:30am:  Alarm.  Ugh.  Check to see if the girls are awake.  Amelia is making tea- good.  Vivian is in bed, sleeping, with her clothes and jacket on- nice effort.

6:45:  Clean up dog pee.  The glamour starts early.

7:00:  Check Facebook, Etsy, email, etc.

7:15:  Girls out the door.  Eat banana muffins (yum).

7:30:  Get boys up.  They don't give me too much trouble.  They eat an entire loaf of banana bread.  Wow.

8:00:  Shower.  Fast.

8:20:  Boys out the door.  Dry hair.  Try to look reasonable.

8:30:  Kiss husband goodbye.  Off to work.  Decent shortcut via low bridge (good).  Stop at Starbucks (bad).

9-5:  Desk job.  Look busy. 

5:08:  Home.  Record time!  Hit all the green lights, no trains, no drawbridge.  Yesssss.

5:35:  Husband is out tonite, but kitchen is clean.  Bonus points for husband.  Get dinner on the table.  Tacos.  No bonus points there.  Clean up kitchen.

6:15:  Take Viv to Bellevue for Karate.  Yuck, Eastside.  No traffic, so overall good.

7-8:00:  Shop for pretty papers in Bellevue!  The only thing I actually WANT in Bellevue is pretty paper.  Paper spree ensues.  Also walk thru Crate and Barrel and have too-long conversation with possibly-crazy person about silicon baking cups.  Mmhmm.  Run into Safeway for frosting and sprinkles for bake sale cupcakes.

8:15:  Pick Viv up from Karate.  Still in Bellevue.  Gross.

8:25:  Re-enter Seattle airspace.  Breathe easy.

8:30:  Make 2 dozen cupcakes for bake sale tomorrow.  From a mix- no bonus points.  Mix is left over from The Wedding Cake- bonus points for thriftiness?  Give self bonus points.

8:45:  Chase kids into bed.

9:15:  Kids actually in bed.

9:15-10:59:  Cut pretty papers into tidy little rectangles for making candleholders.  There are some gorgeous designs here.  Like, GORGEOUS. 

11:00:  Yawn.  Bedtime.  Write day's timeline on blog.  Go to sleep.

Sweet dreams, my crafty minions.  We get to do it all again tomorrow. 

Oh my!

Well, at the urging of the always amazing Cristina (Goddess of Paper), I entered our paper flower escort tags in a Wedding DIY contest.  The hardest part was writing out the process.  And what a process it was!

Like I say:  Any task can be accomplished with enough friends and enough wine.

Enough said.

So, our lovely tags were featured today!  I'm not even sure if that means we're in the running to win anything, but it already feels like a WIN!  

Ruffled Wedding Blog: DIY Paper Escort Tags

Go team!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love them so

I do!  I love these dang things.  I was showing them to J the other day, and it was pretty much "Oh, and this one.  And THIS one!  OH and THIS ONE!"

I love 'em all.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Plans to sleep in foiled by three frisky dogs at 7am.  Oh well.  That's why God gave us coffee, right?

At least one of the dogs looks like this:

That amount of cute takes the edge off at 7am.

Saturday will bring some crafting, some thrifting, lots of photographing.  Hopefully outside.  Weather looks like it might even cooperate.  Visiting with friends, going to fetch cupcakes from the amazing Alex, my #1 prop provider.  Dinner with Alex, my #1 smile provider.

Saturdays are full of possibility.  What's on your agenda?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The soundtrack to my creative evening.

I could use his umbrella today, too.  Welcome to winter, I guess.

So, how you doin', my crafty minions?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Or cupcakes at least. 

A long weekend of thrifting, cleaning, and creating.  And here they are, my new cake stand collection.

I'm kinda in love with them, I won't lie.  Look how tiny and cute!  I'm a sucker for tiny stuff. 

Hope you like 'em as much as I do.

Now, go buy one for your grandma.

Crafty Clementine on Etsy

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Must be genetic

You've gotta love a kid who asks "Is it OK if I make something fancy for breakfast?"  Then brings you a crepe with homemade strawberry sauce.

That Amelia.  She's a good egg.


Friday, October 8, 2010


New papers.  Fun fun fun.  Will be adding new designs to the shop soon.

Sneaky preview for you, my lovely friends!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is this thing on?

OK, the etsy shop is open.  Let the mania begin.

Crafty Clementine on Etsy

Click click click!  More to come.......

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gettin' serious

OK, now we're getting serious with this whole crafty thing.  I'm gonna go pro.  And by pro, I mean a completely amateur foray into the world of selling crafts.

Should be interesting.

So far, Crafty Clemetine is my name, and candles are my game.  I started making these lovely little candle holders for, you guessed it, The Wedding.  A couple here, a couple there, I thought.  But, like most aspects of The Wedding, one thing lead to another and it grew until it was completely out of control.  In the best possible way.

I think we ended up with over 150 candle holders, all handmade by yours truly.  Because why not, right?  It was actually really fun.  Hunting for papers.  Measuring and cutting.  Listening to music and drinking wine.  Taping and gluing.  Packing and stacking.  It was very Zen, really.  Solitary, quiet.  Unlike most things in my life.

So, now I've returned to my candle-making roots.  I've signed up for a craft fair.  I've prepped an Etsy shop.  I've gone on a paper-hunting excursion and I've laid in supplies.  I'm fired up and ready to go, hey hey, ho ho.

Yeah, I was a cheerleader, but that's our secret, k?

Anyhoo, here's what I've been working on this weekend.  More, and more, and more to come.

There are even gift boxes.  With logos.  C'mon.  We're gettin serious up in here, people.

Welcome to Crafty Clementine, friends.