Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A day in the life

6:30am:  Alarm.  Ugh.  Check to see if the girls are awake.  Amelia is making tea- good.  Vivian is in bed, sleeping, with her clothes and jacket on- nice effort.

6:45:  Clean up dog pee.  The glamour starts early.

7:00:  Check Facebook, Etsy, email, etc.

7:15:  Girls out the door.  Eat banana muffins (yum).

7:30:  Get boys up.  They don't give me too much trouble.  They eat an entire loaf of banana bread.  Wow.

8:00:  Shower.  Fast.

8:20:  Boys out the door.  Dry hair.  Try to look reasonable.

8:30:  Kiss husband goodbye.  Off to work.  Decent shortcut via low bridge (good).  Stop at Starbucks (bad).

9-5:  Desk job.  Look busy. 

5:08:  Home.  Record time!  Hit all the green lights, no trains, no drawbridge.  Yesssss.

5:35:  Husband is out tonite, but kitchen is clean.  Bonus points for husband.  Get dinner on the table.  Tacos.  No bonus points there.  Clean up kitchen.

6:15:  Take Viv to Bellevue for Karate.  Yuck, Eastside.  No traffic, so overall good.

7-8:00:  Shop for pretty papers in Bellevue!  The only thing I actually WANT in Bellevue is pretty paper.  Paper spree ensues.  Also walk thru Crate and Barrel and have too-long conversation with possibly-crazy person about silicon baking cups.  Mmhmm.  Run into Safeway for frosting and sprinkles for bake sale cupcakes.

8:15:  Pick Viv up from Karate.  Still in Bellevue.  Gross.

8:25:  Re-enter Seattle airspace.  Breathe easy.

8:30:  Make 2 dozen cupcakes for bake sale tomorrow.  From a mix- no bonus points.  Mix is left over from The Wedding Cake- bonus points for thriftiness?  Give self bonus points.

8:45:  Chase kids into bed.

9:15:  Kids actually in bed.

9:15-10:59:  Cut pretty papers into tidy little rectangles for making candleholders.  There are some gorgeous designs here.  Like, GORGEOUS. 

11:00:  Yawn.  Bedtime.  Write day's timeline on blog.  Go to sleep.

Sweet dreams, my crafty minions.  We get to do it all again tomorrow. 


  1. love it! I love seeing what people's days are like. You have a very busy life, lady! :)

  2. I love how writing out a day's events makes it seem both reasonable and completely impossible, all at the same time. Can't wait to see more of these pretty papers!